Never have I met a man with such ambition,

Never have I encountered such a man with such plans,

Your boldness dictates without inhibition,

Your desires drive the motivation of your demands


And yet, what have you done to meet your own satisfaction?

What have you done to bolster your claims?

You shout, you cry out, you command satisfaction,

But the quiver slips in your grip without aim.


The promises of privilege and power possess you,

Their glamour clamor for your every whim,

You grasp at the bait that allures you,

Into thinking they are your rights, owed from your heartless win.


You encountered a rising star so early on,

You knew she was your ticket to fortune and fame,

You latched on through deceit and deception,

Patiently awaiting the reward of her captured flame.


So dimly lit at first,

Just barely a flickering light,

But you were determined to claim it as yours,

A lone candle lit in your night.


You waited as the embers grew,

You waited as the heat increased,

You waited for what was rightfully yours,

But grew clumsy with your conceit.


You thought she owed you because she loved you.

You thought you had her heart encaged.

You dabbled with the baubles of her affection

Until they were smashed with the thrash of her rage.


On your knees, you begged like a coward,

Your crimes uncovered, your sins undone.

You thought you were entitled as her lover,

To continue to reap the rewards you had won.


If only you’d put in some effort,

Some work as you awaited her rise,

But instead you rambled in the shadows,

Casting off your bird in the hand, forgetting she could fly.



And now, you have reaped what you’ve sewn.

You stumble toward your awaiting fate.

For as you continue to sulk in the shadows,

She, now patiently waits, planning her escape.


And then it hit me

Like venom in my face

As u sought to hurt me

You were cowering in your disgrace

As You hurled those jagged stones

Like shards against my skin

With each each stone you cast

You were revealing the devil within.

There was no match for your anger

As i withered against the blows

And you only grew stronger

With each and every stone.

You stood a little taller

As you gathered all your strength

As over me you me towered

To spit upon my face.

You duly appointed you

As Witness,  jury and judge

And named yourself executioner

Of the very bride you once loved.

But the wounded woman before you

Is not the bearer of these sins

She is merely the mirror

That taunts your conscience within. In her image you see your faults and every wrong you’ve done

Her eyes reveal,  your sins concealed

As you cast another one.

And with the final blow

You think it’s finally done,

As you cast the final stone

And await the freedom you have won.

But the accusations you once spewed

Now rattle in your mind

As on you they tattle

Of the evil lurking inside.

There’s no quiet in the silence

No solace in your sleep

No reward for the justice

You were certain you would reap.

There is only you alone now

With blood upon your hands

And the dam’d spot, it won’t come off

As you walk on,  a man condemned.

A Charade

It seems to me all a charade,

Just say what you’re wanting to say.

Why continue living this game,

Why go on in  agonizing pain?

You say, ‘Who knows what will happen now?

We’ll see what the future holds,”

but even now, you can’t even look at me,

As the heartache has taken its toll.

Love was lost so long ago,

what is it we are waiting for,

it’s too late to turn back now,

it’s too hard to close this door.

And so the draft come barreling in,

As our hearts grow colder still,

towards love, towards each other, towards all others,

as ever weaker grows the will.

And so we continue to lay our heads,

on the same cold and heartless bed,

Only to rise once again,

In the morning, our thoughts left unsaid.

And so, the emptiness continues to grow,

With indifference latched in tow,

And sweet bitterness takes ahold,

Until we are ready to let it go.

Not tonight

You say you walk on egg shells,

but you’re a fucking liar.

You walk on the coals you lit,

one after another.

you say that you are tired

of the constant accusations

just give you a chance you say,

neglecting my heart-wrenching frustrations.

Another skirt, another eyelash,

Batted just your way.

You say, “I have no control over that.”

As you dig into another slice of cake.

You’ve no concern for the hell I’ve endured,

hoping one day you’d notice the pain,

Of the woman in the shadows waiting,

the diamond, now a dead-weighted chain.

She’s the woman you once chased,

with promises of undying love and affection

Now, you simply await your escape,

to finally be rid of your affliction.

She is waiting too,

Like  a moth to a flame, she’s tried.

But what’s been done, can never be undone,

as what was once undying, dies.

She is wretched now, as her shoulders slump this night.

She is preparing to tell her 9 year old son.

Daddy isn’t coming home tonight.

Why are you here?

It’s not like u even care. 

U think you’re so good at Pretending

As if I’m unaware.

You smile and shake hands

While holding onto mine

But only when there’s witnesses

Are you ever so kind. 

Sometimes you forget yourself

And they catch a glimpse of your charade

Of The man behind the mask

The driver of the float’s parade. 

Off to your corner you slink, 

When no credit will be paid

For how you treat your wife, your son

As into the shadows they fade. 

You live for you and you alone

For yourself,  any Challenge braved,

But for those you claim to love

There’s no price you’d willingly pay. 

You’re so fucking demanding

You say what you want but not what u need

Then u expect me to fall to my knees

You storm off in a huff when u don’t get your way

Lock yourself in your room

Thinking you’re making me pay.

But what you didn’t see, were the eyes of your son

You didn’t even think about

The Hurt you’d just done

You selfish bastard,

You think you’ve won

When all you’ve done is hurt another one.

And for what,

As you seek to poison yourself

You say you want to change

And then you hurt someone else.

But not me,  not this time,

I’m so over your fucking five year old whine

Would you fucking grow up

Become a fucking man

You’re screwing yourself,

As fast as you can

You’ve no idea the price you will pay

For your lust and your greed that will never quench what you crave..



Evil is a fallen Angel

A wretch’s fall from grace

Her eyes are dark, her hair is black,

The looking glass reflects her face.

It is sweetly sickening

Mistakenly innocent and naive

But behind her countenance of poison

A darkness lurks beneath.

It is vain as it conspires

To harm those in her path

To woo them then forsake them

Beware the sinner’s wrath.

She is Cunning and she is clever

A devil in disguise

She is a temptress, a dark angel

Beyond her beauty, lies.

She’ll say she loves you but she hates you

For every hurt you’ll pay

She’ll leave you and forget you

As she seeks another soul to slay

Innocence offers no protection

Good intentions matter none

You think that u can save her

But for her ur just a pawn.

Her tears ran out long ago

When first she was deceived

By the Prince she…

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For her

I don’t know her name

And I don’t know her face

But I know that she’s hurting

And that her smile hides her pain.

Her story, a mystery,

Just a beating heart in the crowd.

She walks with purpose and defiance

Nothing can take her down.

She’s already been to hell and back

It was supposed to be a one way trip

But she found her way once again

Another fire lit.

She gazes straight ahead

No longer fooled by alluring charms

She’s traded her glitter for the shadows

That will do her more good than harm.

In them her tears fall unseen

Her red eyes hidden from the light

Her sobs merely blend with the others

Who have taken refuge from their plight.

She is wary as she is weary

From a journey wretched and long

She sits for a minute to rest for a moment

And read a ‘not4fainthearts’ blog.

I want to tell her she’s not alone

I want to tell her she’s found a friend

I want to tell her have no regrets

And that one day she’ll smile again.

And then I’ll tell her I’m sorry

For getting her in this mess

And I’ll gently kiss the looking glass

As I lay my sins to rest.


Don’t get too comfortable

I always have one foot out the door.

You may think that you have won,

As I bide my time to settle the score.

You look at me in shock

As if this is news to you

You thought it was over with

As if the expiration on pain were past due.

Was it really so easy,

For you to get over the guilt.

Have you forgotten what you put me through

And disregarded the wall that was built?

You thought you had mounted the hurdle,

An insignificant fence,

But I only allowed you a foothold,

So as to knock you down again.

You look at me astounded

Apalled by just a glimpse

Of the cunning and conniving

That has consumed me ever since.

You thought this was behind us,

My anguish kept unseen,

My torment upkept in secret

To provide for the unfolding scene.

I see the pain behind your eyes

Of not knowing where you stand

As your wary mind searches for a sign,

Trying to understand.

You’ve been walloped in the gut,

Awakened from your sleep,

Your universe has shifted

And you grieve for your inner peace.

After all the pain you caused

I finally have the upper hand

Your consciousness is shaken

Your head is in your hands.

But there is no finale,

For the hurt I’ve put you through,

Though vengeance is finally mine

I’m still hurting too.