No rest 4 the weary

How can u just do that?

How can u just leave?

I’m struggling, I’m hurting

Wearing my heart upon my sleeve.

My restless mind feels heavy

I long to lay my weary head

But I can take no comfort

Haunted, by words left unsaid.

I yearn for the peace of sleep

Weightless and painless

To be loSt in a dream

But rest runs from my tired mind

Rest, relief,

I deserve nothing so kind

In pain I tarry

in suffering I wake

My friends, my solace

Only ache and heartbreak

How can u pretend

How do you go on

I cant even climb out of bed

Betrayed by the dawn

The sun is my enemy

Blue skies mock my grief

The world is unfeeling

No compassion, no relief.

Thoughts of you pursue me

I try to chase them from my mind

But unlike u they will not leave me

They persist in unkind rewind

I’m tired,

weakened to my knees

I plead with my heart

Relent, let go, peace!

But my pleadings go unheard

Contrition matters none

These memories are my prison

The price for what I’ve done.

There’s No rest for the forsaken

No charity for the cheat

No heart for the heartbroken

No forgiveness for a sinner’s pleas.

12 thoughts on “No rest 4 the weary

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