too weak to say goodbye

I knew in the end it would be this way

Pain.  Heartache.

Still,I had no strength to stay away.

I was weak, I was hurting

I needed u

But u didn’t,

U had me; but I never had u

Kicked to the curb

A bad habits demise

feelings once felt, turn to despise

I thought what we had ,would always be

It was a lie undoubtedly

My own heart’s betrayal,  make-believe.

U spoke of future plans.

That was unfair

To trap my heart; a sinister snare

I don’t really blame u

I can only blame me

For seeing only what I wanted to see

The myth is gone. the magic undone

A tale unraveled.  A story unspun.

Alone I sit, the dark closing in

As one chapter closes, another begins


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