What am I doing here?

This isn’t even me

I’m not this kind of girl

Inside my conscience screams

Its my first time in this place

Every Window lined with bars

Cigarette smoke fills the room,

In this place for broken hearts.

A tattered sheet drapes the bed

The walls are worn and weary

From watching all the broken lives

And the burdens that they carry.

A single crack runs along the mirror

Broken, shattered, alone,

It looks the way I feel inside

Damaged, destroyed, undone

The TV is blaring loudly

The shades are drawn in close

The alcohol sweats on the nightstand

As his touch hurries my pulse.

I can feel myself falling

Further down the rabbit hole

There’s no one near to help me up,

I clamor for invisible rope.

I don’t know how I got here

And I don’t know who I am

I don’t know where I lost myself

Or if I’ll ever find me again.


8 thoughts on “lost

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