Evil is a fallen Angel

A wretch’s fall from grace

Her eyes are dark, her hair is black,

The looking glass reflects her face.

It is sweetly sickening

Mistakenly innocent and naive

But behind her countenance of poison

A darkness lurks beneath.

It is vain as it conspires

To harm those in her path

To woo them then forsake them

Beware the sinner’s wrath.

She is Cunning and she is clever

A devil in disguise

She is a temptress, a dark angel

Beyond her beauty, lies.

She’ll say she loves you but she hates you

For every hurt you’ll pay

She’ll leave you and forget you

As she seeks another soul to slay

Innocence offers no protection

Good intentions matter none

You think that u can save her

But for her ur just a pawn.

Her tears ran out long ago

When first she was deceived

By the Prince she once trusted

Her heart stolen by the thief.

Icy runs her blood now,

As darkness takes love’s place

No compassion, no remorse,

Her kindness turned to rage.

Beware her sultry stare

Its how she knows she’s won

All she wants is for u to love her

Then she’ll leave u and be gone.


16 thoughts on “evil

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