Super Powers

I wish I could read your mind
I wish what you were thinking, wasn’t such a surprise.
What is happening behind those darkened eyes?
I wish I knew your every thought
Whether I stood before you or not.
When I think of you, do you think of me too,
Or am I a thought that’s lost?
I wish I had power over your heart.
That it would be mine even when we’re apart
If I could I would, that without me it wouldn’t start
Whenever you awoke in another’s arms.
Powers over the mind and heart, I have not.
Fading, are the few charms I’ve got.
It’s a losing war I’ve fought,
Relinquishing the love I thought I caught,
Abandoning forever, the dream I once sought.
Consoling the heartache you wrought.

10 thoughts on “Super Powers

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