They were talking

But I wasn’t supposed to know

Whispered secrets

They kept their voices low.

See no evil,  hear no evil

Pretending evil does no harm

Conceit,  selfish desires

Hushed voices,  seductive charm.

They laughed at my Innocence

Balked at my naiveté

Scoffed at my ignorance

As I held every suspicion at bay.

I walked on pins and needles

Tiptoed as the egg shells cracked

Tried to appease his every anger

For every alluring aspect lacked.

Behind my back he sneered

Mocking me as he betrayed

Holding me in contempt

For the tears that revealed my pain.

He forgot I paid the phone bill

Held the record for every call

Every text in evidence

Still,  he denied it all.

Love became a victim

Trust forever lost

He misjudged the price he’d pay

As I was left to pay the cost.

I was broken,  I was shattered,

I wept for all we’d lost

innocence undone

Virtue too,  cast in the lot.

Defeated he waits alone

Convicted of every sin

Waiting for me to come home

Certain I’ll return to him.

But tonight my lips are painted red

As I drive through darkened streets

He knows nothing of where I’m going

Or of the secrets that I keep.


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