You don’t want to know

In his hands, the evidence

As his brow furrows in alarm

What is this?  Who were you with?

As I turn on my charm.

I laugh aloud to assuage his doubts

It’s nothing, I smoothly say,

Only me, drinking alone

That night you were away.

Confusion remains, etched upon his face,

And I cant help but revel in my lie.

Its my turn now, my secret’s out,

But you’ll never see me cry.

It’s your turn to doubt and ignore

your own wary mind.

The way I did when I was betrayed

And believed your every lie.

You made me mistrust my every sense

Called me crazy and unwise

To suspect you with such suspicion

And distrust your alibis.

The tears back then seemed endless

As I fought for vows once said

As I tried to rekindle what had long been forsaken

And you left for another’s bed.

My heart is pounding now

your eyes search me For a sign

A glimpse,  a hint,  an inevitable slip

But I am not that kind.

I know that you know.

You know what I won’t say

Don’t ask,  don’t tell, don’t trust yourself,

Unless you’re ready to walk away.


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