I’m so nice

Do not mistake my kindness for weakness

I can still cause you pain

You think because my words are gentle

That you have won again

It is a kindness that I smile

Benevolence that my hands are clasped

So that you can’t see them shaking

From the fury of a woman’s wrath.

It is charity that I stand here

Allowing you to speak

A generosity I bestow to you

Letting you offer your pleas

I smile gently at your words

As I consolingly nod my head

You thank me For my heart’s compassion,

Not knowing that it’s dead.

It’s taking all my strength

To disallow my Icy stare

And extra caution and attention

To make you think I care.

I pity you as you speak,

You think you stand a chance,

You are down upon your knees

Its all going according to plan.

I tease with seeming contemplation

I play with your hopeful heart

I torment with feigned consideration

I know just how to play the part.

I’ve learned from the very best

Just how to play pretend

To manipulate and desimate,

Knowing just how this will end.

You turn and walk away

confident in your feat

Planning your return

To sweep me off my feet

I whisper sweet assurance

To encourage you in your labor

You put me through hell

I’m simply returning the favor.

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