The schoolyard

Didn’t they teach you in school

You don’t treat people this way

Didn’t they tell you,  didn’t they show u

Or were u just absent that day.

Was kindness ever talked about

Was compassion ever discussed at length

Was loyalty,  honesty, steadfast integrity

And devotion to loved ones ever raised.

Didn’t they warn you about selfish desires

Didn’t they caution you against greed.

Didn’t they teach you to put others before yourself,

And forewarn of the perils of conceit?

What happened to chivalry

And dedicated responsibility

Did consequences ever matter

Or were you simply praised no matter what the results may be.

Is that why I never mattered

Not my feelings, my hurt or my tears

When you chased after another

Assuming I’d always be here

Did the school room teach you nothing?

Did you learn nothing from your peers at play?

Even the school yard offers the lessons

That a classroom’s 4 walls may neglect to make.

It’s unfortunate

The life lessons you were never taught

You thought you were winning this game

Cheating your way to the top

But you’re not.

9 thoughts on “The schoolyard

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