Evil is a fallen Angel

A wretch’s fall from grace

Her eyes are dark, her hair is black,

The looking glass reflects her face.

It is sweetly sickening

Mistakenly innocent and naive

But behind her countenance of poison

A darkness lurks beneath.

It is vain as it conspires

To harm those in her path

To woo them then forsake them

Beware the sinner’s wrath.

She is Cunning and she is clever

A devil in disguise

She is a temptress, a dark angel

Beyond her beauty, lies.

She’ll say she loves you but she hates you

For every hurt you’ll pay

She’ll leave you and forget you

As she seeks another soul to slay

Innocence offers no protection

Good intentions matter none

You think that u can save her

But for her ur just a pawn.

Her tears ran out long ago

When first she was deceived

By the Prince she…

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For her

I don’t know her name

And I don’t know her face

But I know that she’s hurting

And that her smile hides her pain.

Her story, a mystery,

Just a beating heart in the crowd.

She walks with purpose and defiance

Nothing can take her down.

She’s already been to hell and back

It was supposed to be a one way trip

But she found her way once again

Another fire lit.

She gazes straight ahead

No longer fooled by alluring charms

She’s traded her glitter for the shadows

That will do her more good than harm.

In them her tears fall unseen

Her red eyes hidden from the light

Her sobs merely blend with the others

Who have taken refuge from their plight.

She is wary as she is weary

From a journey wretched and long

She sits for a minute to rest for a moment

And read a ‘not4fainthearts’ blog.

I want to tell her she’s not alone

I want to tell her she’s found a friend

I want to tell her have no regrets

And that one day she’ll smile again.

And then I’ll tell her I’m sorry

For getting her in this mess

And I’ll gently kiss the looking glass

As I lay my sins to rest.




Don’t get too comfortable

I always have one foot out the door.

You may think that you have won,

As I bide my time to settle the score.

You look at me in shock

As if this is news to you

You thought it was over with

As if the expiration on pain were past due.

Was it really so easy,

For you to get over the guilt.

Have you forgotten what you put me through

And disregarded the wall that was built?

You thought you had mounted the hurdle,

An insignificant fence,

But I only allowed you a foothold,

So as to knock you down again.

You look at me astounded

Apalled by just a glimpse

Of the cunning and conniving

That has consumed me ever since.

You thought this was behind us,

My anguish kept unseen,

My torment upkept in secret

To provide for the unfolding scene.

I see the pain behind your eyes

Of not knowing where you stand

As your wary mind searches for a sign,

Trying to understand.

You’ve been walloped in the gut,

Awakened from your sleep,

Your universe has shifted

And you grieve for your inner peace.

After all the pain you caused

I finally have the upper hand

Your consciousness is shaken

Your head is in your hands.

But there is no finale,

For the hurt I’ve put you through,

Though vengeance is finally mine

I’m still hurting too.

I wish I didn’t cry

If I could have any power

I would wish I didn’t cry.

I don’t want to tip my hand while before me u stand

Offering up yet another lie.

I wish the tears were smiles

That struck your wretched heart

That Convicted ur sin and the monster within

And the lives u wrecked apart.

I wish the drops would evaporate

Before they even begin.

I wish the salt wouldn’t sting my eyes

And betray my heart’s condition.

I wish my red cheeks were only rosy

And my sniffles would entirely cease

And my stare were Icy instead of wilted

To bring you to your knees.

I wish I saw fear in you, not pity,

As you watch my traitorous face,

That betrays the wrath of my anger

And the fire of my rage.

Do not mistake my weeping,

It is a solace to you alone,

To lure you into complacence

while my memory burns what you’ve done.

Grow comfortable in your mistaken triumph

You think your apology settled the score,

But like a Phoenix rising from the ash

This is just the start of the war.