I wish I didn’t cry

If I could have any power

I would wish I didn’t cry.

I don’t want to tip my hand while before me u stand

Offering up yet another lie.

I wish the tears were smiles

That struck your wretched heart

That Convicted ur sin and the monster within

And the lives u wrecked apart.

I wish the drops would evaporate

Before they even begin.

I wish the salt wouldn’t sting my eyes

And betray my heart’s condition.

I wish my red cheeks were only rosy

And my sniffles would entirely cease

And my stare were Icy instead of wilted

To bring you to your knees.

I wish I saw fear in you, not pity,

As you watch my traitorous face,

That betrays the wrath of my anger

And the fire of my rage.

Do not mistake my weeping,

It is a solace to you alone,

To lure you into complacence

while my memory burns what you’ve done.

Grow comfortable in your mistaken triumph

You think your apology settled the score,

But like a Phoenix rising from the ash

This is just the start of the war.


5 thoughts on “I wish I didn’t cry

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