Why are you here?

It’s not like u even care. 

U think you’re so good at Pretending

As if I’m unaware.

You smile and shake hands

While holding onto mine

But only when there’s witnesses

Are you ever so kind. 

Sometimes you forget yourself

And they catch a glimpse of your charade

Of The man behind the mask

The driver of the float’s parade. 

Off to your corner you slink, 

When no credit will be paid

For how you treat your wife, your son

As into the shadows they fade. 

You live for you and you alone

For yourself,  any Challenge braved,

But for those you claim to love

There’s no price you’d willingly pay. 


You’re so fucking demanding

You say what you want but not what u need

Then u expect me to fall to my knees

You storm off in a huff when u don’t get your way

Lock yourself in your room

Thinking you’re making me pay.

But what you didn’t see, were the eyes of your son

You didn’t even think about

The Hurt you’d just done

You selfish bastard,

You think you’ve won

When all you’ve done is hurt another one.

And for what,

As you seek to poison yourself

You say you want to change

And then you hurt someone else.

But not me,  not this time,

I’m so over your fucking five year old whine

Would you fucking grow up

Become a fucking man

You’re screwing yourself,

As fast as you can

You’ve no idea the price you will pay

For your lust and your greed that will never quench what you crave..