And then it hit me

Like venom in my face

As u sought to hurt me

You were cowering in your disgrace

As You hurled those jagged stones

Like shards against my skin

With each each stone you cast

You were revealing the devil within.

There was no match for your anger

As i withered against the blows

And you only grew stronger

With each and every stone.

You stood a little taller

As you gathered all your strength

As over me you me towered

To spit upon my face.

You duly appointed you

As Witness,  jury and judge

And named yourself executioner

Of the very bride you once loved.

But the wounded woman before you

Is not the bearer of these sins

She is merely the mirror

That taunts your conscience within. In her image you see your faults and every wrong you’ve done

Her eyes reveal,  your sins concealed

As you cast another one.

And with the final blow

You think it’s finally done,

As you cast the final stone

And await the freedom you have won.

But the accusations you once spewed

Now rattle in your mind

As on you they tattle

Of the evil lurking inside.

There’s no quiet in the silence

No solace in your sleep

No reward for the justice

You were certain you would reap.

There is only you alone now

With blood upon your hands

And the dam’d spot, it won’t come off

As you walk on,  a man condemned.


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