Never have I met a man with such ambition,

Never have I encountered such a man with such plans,

Your boldness dictates without inhibition,

Your desires drive the motivation of your demands


And yet, what have you done to meet your own satisfaction?

What have you done to bolster your claims?

You shout, you cry out, you command satisfaction,

But the quiver slips in your grip without aim.


The promises of privilege and power possess you,

Their glamour clamor for your every whim,

You grasp at the bait that allures you,

Into thinking they are your rights, owed from your heartless win.


You encountered a rising star so early on,

You knew she was your ticket to fortune and fame,

You latched on through deceit and deception,

Patiently awaiting the reward of her captured flame.


So dimly lit at first,

Just barely a flickering light,

But you were determined to claim it as yours,

A lone candle lit in your night.


You waited as the embers grew,

You waited as the heat increased,

You waited for what was rightfully yours,

But grew clumsy with your conceit.


You thought she owed you because she loved you.

You thought you had her heart encaged.

You dabbled with the baubles of her affection

Until they were smashed with the thrash of her rage.


On your knees, you begged like a coward,

Your crimes uncovered, your sins undone.

You thought you were entitled as her lover,

To continue to reap the rewards you had won.


If only you’d put in some effort,

Some work as you awaited her rise,

But instead you rambled in the shadows,

Casting off your bird in the hand, forgetting she could fly.



And now, you have reaped what you’ve sewn.

You stumble toward your awaiting fate.

For as you continue to sulk in the shadows,

She, now patiently waits, planning her escape.

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