For her

I don’t know her name

And I don’t know her face

But I know that she’s hurting

And that her smile hides her pain.

Her story, a mystery,

Just a beating heart in the crowd.

She walks with purpose and defiance

Nothing can take her down.

She’s already been to hell and back

It was supposed to be a one way trip

But she found her way once again

Another fire lit.

She gazes straight ahead

No longer fooled by alluring charms

She’s traded her glitter for the shadows

That will do her more good than harm.

In them her tears fall unseen

Her red eyes hidden from the light

Her sobs merely blend with the others

Who have taken refuge from their plight.

She is wary as she is weary

From a journey wretched and long

She sits for a minute to rest for a moment

And read a ‘not4fainthearts’ blog.

I want to tell her she’s not alone

I want to tell her she’s found a friend

I want to tell her have no regrets

And that one day she’ll smile again.

And then I’ll tell her I’m sorry

For getting her in this mess

And I’ll gently kiss the looking glass

As I lay my sins to rest.

12 thoughts on “For her


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